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"We went yesterday, November 21, on the 4 o'clock ride with 2 of my grandsons, it was amazing!! They had so much fun, everyone there was so nice, it could not have been better!! Thank you all so much!!!"


"Congratulations and thank you for another delightful Polar Express adventure. Today was our third year on the Polar Express - with hopefully more to come in the future. Everything about the trip is perfect - the train, the treats, the activities, the photo ops - but particularly the staff. It's obvious that they truly enjoy what they're doing, which makes the event even more enjoyable (regardless of the age of the riders....). Thank you for another memorable experience."

K. S. Family, MA

"I would like to say thank you to the entire staff that runs the Polar Express in Woonsocket RI.  My family was able to get into the Christmas Spirit today! We haven't experienced anything this wonderful since Disney World! I encourage everyone to keep this Polar Express experience as part of their family's Christmas traditions! Well done by all! We will be back! 

E. Family

"Santa was AMAZING and spent a lot of time with each child."  

Kristi, from NY

"It was an amazing experience and we plan to make it a tradition." 

The James Family

"Thank you for renewing our Christmas spirit." 

Roger from Rhode Island

"Last night (Friday 11/30/13) was great. I never saw my son smile as Rudolph danced with my son. It made our Christmas."

"On December 8, 2013 at 4pm our family went to the THE POLAR EXPRESSTM Train Ride. It was so magical and very realistic to the story. We would definitely recommend it to everyone. Thank you for a wonderful time."

Michelle Snipes

"I have never seen my children's face light up the way they did on the THE POLAR EXPRESSTM Train Ride. The staff was incredible, the Santa and the conductor spent attention on each child. When my 6 year old shook the bell and looked up at me with wide eyes and told me "I believe" I had to fight back tears! I will absolutely bring them again next year! This was the highlight of our holiday season."


"Thank you so much for the email. My husband and I have wanted to send you a whopping thank you for the most wonderful polar express experience. It was just magical, and we have been sharing our experience with all our family and friends. You did such a tremendous job!! The gold tickets, the very handsome conductor who took the time to speak with and take a photo with all the children. We have a beautiful photo of our two grandsons with the conductor, and he even had the lamp!!! Our hostess was just so funny and kind with all the children--we were in the dining car. The hot chocolate was actually hot and the cookies were scrumptious. The commemorative teacups are great, and we all are still using them. Santa and Mrs. Claus were just gorgeous with the elegant red velvet clothing. My grandson who just turned nine stated, "Nana, I think he is the real Santa!" And, Santa asked him to leave the same cookies as last year. He & his brother called home (CT) right after the ride to tell their parents they had to get the same cookies. Santa was the epitome of the true Santa, kind with all the children, a sparkle in his amazing eyes and beautiful red cheeks. We also have a great photo with Santa that we'll always treasure. Cannot ever thank you enough for such an amazing adventure. Our grandsons will have such a beautiful memory for the rest of their lives, thanks to you all. Everyone did such a fine job--right down. to the young helpers--and our wonderful chef!! You covered it all! We cannot thank you enough. It is so obvious that everyone involved put their whole heart and soul into the effort. Thank you doesn't quite cover our tremendous appreciation. Merry Christmas to you all!! Thank you for giving us such a very special and precious memory."

The Caldwells


"Thank you for providing an extraordinary experience on THE POLAR EXPRESSTM Train Ride tour! Our 7 year old daughter Victoria was surprised, amazed and has told family and friends, 'she has met the REAL Santa and Mrs. Claus!'  Thank you so much for a truly magically experience! Warmest wishes for a very Merry Christmas!"

The P. Family

"First of all, I want to begin by saying how wonderful our experience on the THE POLAR EXPRESSTM Train Ride was. My sister and our grandsons went and truly enjoyed it! The ticket was the "show and tell" at pre-school the following week. The boys had a great time. Bob Billington was so awesome with the children, one of my grandsons has a great love of trains and the opportunity to hold the lantern was truly his highlight! The time with Santa and Mrs Claus--they were awesome too. They patiently sat in the tent for photo sessions and were so very cordial and wonderful with the children. We have some very awesome pictures. Thank you and Kudos to everyone involved -- it was truly a magical experience for the children (and for grandmothers as well!!)"

Jan LeClair


Blackstone Valley Tourism Council presents this official THE POLAR EXPRESSTM Train Ride event by permission and under license of Warner Brothers.